Huaman Poma Award

Guillermo Bastías, known worldwide as "Guillo", was recognized by the Organization of the International Exhibition of Graphic Humor with the Huaman Poma Award, a statuette created by the Peruvian sculptor Germán Rondón Valdivia, who has made a suggestive plastic interpretation of what means the artistic contribution of the Indian writer and cartoonist who depicted on scrolls, part of the history of Peru.

Toulouse Lautrec chat

As part of its activities in Lima, our guests cartoonists Guillermo Bastías of Chile and Claudio Kappel of Argentina, had great moments with students of Toulouse Lautrec Institute. Both artists discussed their experience in the field, how humor has evolved over time and shared with students a big part of their work.

This talk was also attended by Omar Zevallos of Peru, Artistic Coordinator of the International Exhibition of Graphic Humor.

Official Catalogue

For the eighth consecutive year, the organization of the International Exhibition of Graphic Humor officially presented its Official Catalogue, publication that collects the best works received over the international call. This deluxe edition is published in order to be shared with the great masters of humor in the world, whose works were selected for both the traveling exhibition, as for the Official Catalogue. The delivery to each of the participating countries is possible thanks to the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Guest of Honor

The organization of the VIII International Exhibition of Graphic Humor - Lima 2015, is pleased to officially announce that the guests at the opening ceremony of the exhibition of this year, the artists Guillermo Bastías "Guillo" of Chile and Claudio Kappel of Argentina, two great exponents of Latin American caricature and humor.

Our Guest

This year the VII International Graphic Humor room is adorned with the presence of two of the most important Latin American cartoonists who will be joining us over the activities of the Hall, we are talking about the Colombian illustrator and cartoonist Elena Ospina, winner of several awards international, as well as having worked on the creation and illustration of countless editorial and advertising projects in America and Europe.

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